Nick Avramidis: I can't wait to get in the ring!

The Greek fighter has his sights aimed to the top.

Ι, the only Greek site that introduces Greek fighters to the international audience, spoke with Nick Avramidis, a boxer signed with 4 Champs Promotions in America, about the new horizons opening for him from now on, his experiences from training there, and his goals from now on.

Nick, start by telling us a few things about yourself.

I am from Serres, and in particular from the beautiful village of Sidirokastro. I started fighting at a young age, in different styles, and finally boxing won me over. Besides boxing I have many hobbies, primarily whatever has to do with music, the sea, the mountains, and adrenaline. I also play a lot of chess and I like trying new things in general.

A few months ago you were given the chance by Peter Carabatsos to go to the United States for tryouts. How was it to be in the same gym with boxing legends such as James Toney and Buddy McGirt;

The truth is that it was harder than what I expected but that worked in my favor, because I realized that this is what I really want. There are many factors involved and you have pressure, especially when the level is high, but that "fired me up" ever more. I saw and met many names in Buddy McGirt's legendary gym, who has a very good relationship with my trainer Peter Carabatsos. We also had the insuperable James Toney on our side, who was co-training us. It's an indescribable feeling to see people you admired and now to be learning from them.

How much do you think you have grown in the last few years, especially after your stay in Los Angeles?

From the beginning, my coach changed my style and my strategy to the way he wanted· later we sparred 3 to 4 times a week. The competition is huge and the sparrings are a real fight! So now I fight differently, as I obtained a different view of boxing and in time I will learn even more.

How do you feel that you and Giannis Manouilidis are the only two Greeks right now who have a professional promotional contract with 4 Champs, a big name in the sport?

Giannis and I are like brothers, we have good communication. We understand each other and we have common goals. Signing with 4 Champs was a huge step because I want to raise the Greek flag high, as it deserves. We are all like a big family, in general. We both eagerly await to make our pro debuts soon!

What would you like to say in closing;

I would like to thank the people for their support. I want to thank my manager and trainer Peter Carabatsos, who does the best for us and gives us the chance to accomplish our dreams with hard work. I can't wait to get in the ring!

Photos: Nick Avramidis

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