Kambosos Jr. EXCLUSIVE: I'll take the Commey fight if Lopez doesn't

Simply unyielding on reaching his goal.

George Kambosos Jr. spoke to inthering.gr about everything happening in his world recently, particularly his resolute objective of becoming a world champion.

Before we begin, George, we would like to wish you the best on the birth of Leonidas, your second child. How does it feel to be a parent again?

Thank you very much, it is such an exciting time in my life with the birth of my son Leonidas. I am now a proud father of two at 26 years of age and this is something that gives me motivation, inspiration, and hunger to give my son and daughter the best life. Parenthood this time around has been great, he is in a great routine and my beautiful partner Rebecca is making sure everything is under control with the kids while I am fully focused on training extremely hard and becoming world champion.

The lightweight division is very interesting right now. We have Lomachenko vs Campbell this Saturday in the UK but we also had the IBF ordering Commey vs Lopez earlier this month, and Teofimo doesn't look too sure about it. What do you think is going on in his head right now? Too much too soon?

I totally agree. The lightweight division is very exciting at this current period and I am excited to be right in the mix at world number 3. I truly see myself as the dark house in the division. I know exactly what I possess to beat any one of these champions and contenders and I know what it takes against guys of this calibre. I have gone countless rounds of sparring with all time legendary fighters, world champions, top 5 contenders, and hard nosed veterans. I have been multiple times in 10 and 12 rounds, so that experience alone has set me in high regards. With the IBF ordering Commey vs Lopez my eyes are watching both of them very closely as i am next in line to both of them. But it seems Teofimo might have had a change of heart due to outside family issues. I can't really comment on his issues but every fighter has there own issues and outside problems, that's why we are fighters, these life issues should make us hungrier.

Put it this way: If his issues are that bad, then stop wasting time, pull out of the Commey fight and we'll be next in line to fight and take Commey's IBF title. Simple as that.

He didn't look very impressive against Nakatani...

The Lopez that was walking through the past fighters was definitely not the one in the ring with Nakatani. Nakatani is a solid world rated fighter, no walk over, and he showed that against Lopez. My team actually chased a fight with Nakatani since 2016, even offering him to go to Japan and fight, to which they said no. I think when Nakatani's team assessed familiar opponents between myself and him, they realized the difference. The guys he went the distance with I knocked out. So I think the risk was too high.

Was anything discussed amongst yourselves when you met him at the Commey vs Beltran fight last month?

No, we actually were respectful to each other, had a quick chat, took some photos for Top Rank and DiBella Entertainments media but I'm sure in the back of our minds, definitely mine, we both sensed that this wouldn't be the last time we would meet. The next time would possibly be inside them ropes in a mega fight.

If the Commey fight doesn't happen for you, who would you like next?

At this very moment my team are working extremely hard behind the scenes for my next fight. We have some great options against top 5 contenders, which is exactly what I wanted, and we will be announcing something very big in a couple of weeks. As I sit at world number 3, the next move will be a world title eliminator in October/November. I have always earned it the hard way and this is no different; I will put myself in the mandatory position were the champion has no choice but to face me and lose his belt.

You said on Twitter recently that you'll be back in the US soon. Care to share more?

I'll be back in Miami very soon to continue camp, start sparring, and take it to the next level for my next fight. I am continually growing as a fighter and I'm excited to show all my world wide fans another level of Ferocious Kambosos in my most important fight of my career next.

What did you think of Manny last month? Did he impress you with his performance?

Manny Pacquiao was all class in his impressive victory against Keith Thurman. He looked fantastic and turned back the clock once again. I am honoured to have trained and sparred over 250+ rounds with an all time great.

How do you see Lomachenko vs Campbell playing out?

It's an interesting fight and a fight that I will have my eyes on. You have two Olympic gold medalists but I just can't see Campbell giving Lomachenko any problems. I think Campbell as an amateur was exceptional but as a professional it's a whole different game. I think Lomachenko will be too much and win a points decision.

It's been almost 3 months since your last fight here in Athens. Were the Greek fans everything you expected them to be?

Fighting in Greece was an absolutely amazing experience. Something I always wanted to do since I turned professional. The Greeks fan came out in numbers, they were loud, they were patriotic, and they wanted to see a spectacular victory, which is what I provided. I'm a very proud Greek-Australian and I'm so motivated and hungry to bring back honor to both nations. Us Greeks have such a proud fighting history, we invented boxing, so it's only right we have a world champion representing our great nation. I am ready to be that fighter. My vision is to win that title and bring back a huge world title fight to Greece at the iconic Panathenaic Stadium in front of over 60 thousand Greeks.

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