Linardatou wins on points, maintains WBO world title

Christina's first title defense of her WBO belt was a big success.

Christina Linardatou dominated over Deanha Hobbs in last night's world title fight here in Athens. After a 10-round main event at super lightweight the judges awarded Linardatou the unanimous win with scores of 97-92, 97-92, και 97-94.

The fight started with Linardatou (12-1, 6 ΚΟ) selecting her attacks and going for the body with hooks, while Hobbs preferred to work behind the jab and her 1-2 combinations in the first rounds. Linardatou momentarily hurt Hobbs in the second round, but did not take advantage of the opportunity. For almost the entirety of the fight, Hobbs was fighting off the back foot, throwing combinations that seemed to affect Linardatou.

As the fight continued, Christina continued firing the heavier shots as she kept coming forward. Dobbs was better in the second half of the fight as she was more aggressive and willing to trade to the body in the center of the ring. Linardatou got to her opponent with a loaded left in the seventh round and Dobbs responded by driving the champion to the ropes and landing two hooks to the head. Dobb's best round was probably the eighth, when she landed a nice straight that went through Linardatou's defense, as well as very-well timed uppercut to the face.

Linardatou started the ninth round with a barrage of punches to the body, making Dobbs backup to the corner immediately and followed up with a big right hook upstairs. She kept this frenetic pace, not allowing Dobbs to land something big in order to get back in the fight. The champion almost stopped the Australian late in the round when she landed another hook that hurt Dobbs, who survived, though, and finished the round. Dobbs had a last chance in the tenth, and final, round when she landed a very nice combination in the last minute of the fight, but Linardatou didn't seem to be bothered.

In the ring interview after the fight, Christina said that she would like yo unify the division.

This was the Greek-Dominican's first fight after winning the vacant WBO title with a TKO win over Kandy Wyatt in March.

(The fight starts at 2:08:39)

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