Nikos Andreadis: 'Our trip to Los Angeles was a complete success'




Maroussi Boxing Club trainer Nikos Andreadis was in Los Angeles recently with his athlete, and 2017 Greek champion at super heavyweight, Istvan Bernath, in order to train and spar at the Freddie Roach's Wild Card Boxing Club in Hollywood. spoke with both of them in regards to the experience. Istvan, tell us about your recent trip to Los Angeles.


Istvan Bernath (I.B): It's true that we were in Los Angeles and the purpose was to spar and be seen by promoters and managers, as I want to turn professional. We have been saying it for a while now that you have what it takes to compete at a world level.


I.B: Thank you. During the time that I have been in amateur boxing I have competed with names that are famous today as professionals, so I believe I can be on that level as well and go after titles. The last two years that I am with Maroussi Boxing Club my coach has helped me improve a lot, physically and psychologically. Who are some of the names you have competed against? 


I.B: Joy Joyce, Tony Yoka, Tyson Fury twice, and many others. It's not important for me to drop names, I want people to know me because of my skills; I work with actions, not words. How was Los Angeles overall?


I.B: In daily life, great weather and very friendly people. Sport-wise, I competed with professional boxers and I feel very well with the level of performance I achieved. We heard you dominated completely...


Ι.Β: Whoever was there knows what happened. I do what I have to do when I get in the ring but I respect every opponent. Niko, what did you see in Istvan?


Nikos Andreadis (Ν.Α): I saw the same things as the first time Istvan came to my club and made me believe in him. An athlete that is disciplined, of high standards, that can get in the ring and beat big names. How important is the psychological factor at such a high boxing level?


Ν.Α: It's very important and whoever knows me, knows that I've been saying this since day one. It's just as important what a fighter has formed in their mind and spirit when they get in the ring as the preparation they have done. This was confirmed by the best trainer in the world, in my opinion, Freddie Roach, when we discussed coaching and athlete performance improvement. What did he say?


Ν.Α: As far as training, that there must be training cycles so that the athlete doesn't burn out and for the coach to know when to push or pull back. As far as the entire team, to have a low profile and just work. This was apparent to me from how simple and humble he is as a person; no arrogance, no ego. He opened his private gym for us, where he trains Manny Pacquiao and his other world champions, and made us feel like home. I am very thankful to him. What did he think of your athlete?


Ν.Α: He was very impressed, not only by his power but his boxing IQ, and believes he can be a world champion. That's not a small thing to say! How did that make you feel?


Ν.Α: Of course I felt very nice because my work was recognized by a Hall of Fame trainer who was seen tens of thousands of boxers. So for him to say it, he knows what he's talking about. What should we expect from here on:


Ν.Α: You'll find out soon!


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