George Kambosos EXCLUSIVE: 'I have Greece everywhere on me'

We think you know it by now that supports Greek fighters all over the world. It should only be expected of us then to meet up with future world champion (ed. note: mark our words) George Kambosos (15-0, 9 KO) at Freddie Roach's Wild Card Boxing Club in Los Angeles so we could have a quick chat about his career and background. George, thank you for your time, as we know you have to get inside to train with Manny.

George Kambosos (G.K): My pleasure; thank you for having me more than once on your site. How's Manny's training camp going?

G.K: The training camp is going very well, we go running in the morning in the Hollywood Hills and then we come here to spar. Manny will be more than ready for Broner. And this is the third Manny camp in which you are participating, right?

G.K: Yes, it's the third time and I am very blessed that he trusts me and includes me in his team and the undercards of his fights. I couldn't have asked for more.

(At this point we said something in Greek and George replied, which surprised us, as we had the impression that he didn't speak it) We didn't know you speak Greek!

G.K: Yes, I do. I need some practice, but I do. My grandparents were Greek. I am very proud of my heritage and I have Greece everywhere on me (ed. note: showed us some of his tattoos). George, thank you very much. You are the only Greek right now on this level. Keep making us proud!

G.K: Thank you very much for the support, you'll see me in the ring soon!

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