Koutsogeorgopoulou gets silver at the Eindhoven Box Cup!

Katerina Koutsogeorgopoulou will be returning with the silver medal from the Eindhoven Box Cup tournament that finishes today, as she lost 3-2 on points from her Mongolian opponent, Lutsaikhan Altantsetseg. The decision, however, was troubling for the Greek team, who believed that Katerina was better in every round, landing more and cleaner punches.

Inthering.gr contacted the fighter and her coach, Nikos Drosopoulos, who told us the following:

"Katerina performed as we expected in a tournament that was correctly selected for her first appearance abroad this season. We are at the beginning of our preparation, looking forward to her getting in the right shape. The Eindhoven silver medal is a good start.

"Regarding the fight, we all expected Katerina to win. The judges surprised us negatively. Katerina will compete at AMARYSIA IV this coming Sunday, facing Polish opponent Anita Kamińska, and right after we fly to Berlin where she will participate in a training camp held by the German Federation with many athletes from all over the world."

Katerina stated:

"I am returning to Greece with the silver medal after a final that, unfortunately, did not bring the desired result, although we think we won. For me and my team I return as the clear winner, after a final that benefitted everyone. With the support of my sponsors Anna and Giorgos Grekis - Great Living Hotel Apartments-, Vaggelis Georgilas -Lipolysis & RSTS-, Ilias Mastrandreas -Seven Hellas, και TopTen I am continuing my preparation with the goal of standing out at the European Olympic Games 2019 where I have qualified from my fifth place at the Pan-European Championships, and qualifying after to Tokyo 2020. Thank you very much!"

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