Linardatou gets big win over Baumgardner, becomes WBC titlist

Christina Linardatou (10-1, 5 KO) achieved what many have only dreamed of last night in Louisville, Kentucky. She defeated Evander Holyfield's prospect fighter, Alycia Baumgardner (6-1, 4 KO), at super lightweight and won the WBC “International” title.

The fight started well as Linardatou made a strong start. The middle rounds had some clinching, in order to slow the pace down, but the fight continued with Linardatou being better overall, based on her aggressiveness and slipping punches.

The result was a split decision, the judges giving two rounds, 77-75, to Linardatou and one, 77-75 again, to Baumgardner. The Greek walked away with the belt and confirmed what she had said before the fight that she had the "key to victory."

You can watch the fight below, courtesy of Perseas Boxing Club.

Photo: Perseas Boxing Club/facebook

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